Att smaka livet: en göteborgsupplevelse

Den här bloggen är en kombination av foto, historia, berättelser – allt från Ellingtons och Arlettas personliga perspektiv. Idag plockar vi ut en bild, som speglar en fräck Göteborgsupplevelse som kom i vår väg en dag nyligen. Ellington tog den med sitt normalobjektiv tvärs över en bred trafikerad gata. Killen gjorde tummen upp. Livskänsla i stadsmiljö.

OBS! Kolla gärna nedan. Läs fotografen Otto von Münchows kommentar till bilden.

En smak av livet (foto Ellington)
















Fotografen Otto von Münchow öppnar ibland en sida på sin blogg dit man kan skicka sina foton och få feed-back och kritik i syfte att utveckla sig som fotograf. Under oktober månad hade han den sidan öppen och bland många andra skickade Ellington in ovanstående bild i hopp om en kommentar, vilken nu har kommit. Det kan vara intressant för dig som läsare att ta del av hans kommentar. Gå också gärna till Ottos blogg och övriga deltagares bilder. Länk finns längst ned på denna sida. Så här skrev Otto von Münchow om Ellingtons bild:

”A photo full of exuberance, a delightful moment captured with presence of mind. We can feel the joy of the trampoline jumper, who gives way to the feeling of weightlessness and free fall. It all shines through by the hand gestures and the overly bent backwards head as well as the expression in the face (which is a little hard to decipher, however). The photographer had to react instinctively to capture this moment—no time for deliberation or reflexion on how to shoot, compose or leverage technique. The photo lives in its spontaneous expression. It doesn’t matter that the light is a little bit harsh. It doesn’t matter that the background and even the foreground is a little messy, since the moment and the content—the story—is so strong. In fact, I really appreciate the juxtaposition between the jumper’s arms reaching up into the sky and the masts of the sailing boats in the background. They play up against each other, and add depth to the story. It’s as if the boy is sailing away on the freedom from gravitation, for a split second at least. One thing could maybe have strengthened the visual component of the story. If the photographer had bent down in the moment of capture, the feet of the boys would have been cleared from the bushes along the shoreline. It would also have increased the feeling of height from the jump itself. It might have made the connection between his arms and the masts stronger as well. But again, this is a spontaneous moment and that is what makes the photo stand out. It’s not easy to get it all perfect then—and maybe perfection isn’t even desirable. On the contrary, imperfection enhances the spontaneous feeling…”

Ellingtons svar:

Arletta Ellington says:

November 10, 2017 at 23:17

”Great thanks Otto! I particularly appreciate your critical points and your observation about the jumper’s arms and the masts of the sailing boats. Yes, I could have bent or even lain down to clear the feet off the bushes. I didn’t think of it then, but what you say gives me a lot of thoughts of how I can work with my own position visavis the object.

And yes, of course this was as spontaneous a moment as could be. At the same time I have had this picture in my mind for years. Ever since I saw the 2500 year old rock carvings at Tisselskog a few miles from where I live – picturing two acrobats making somersaults in a religious procession. But I never thought I’d come across this phenomenon like I did!


Otto von Münchow Picture Critique 3

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