Fur – I love it! Don’t you?

Päls, räv, skönt för fötterEllington: Why do you love fur?

Arletta: I love fur!

Ellington: I asked why?

Arletta: Whatever you say about this, I wear fur and love to wear it, just as they did in prehistoric time. Fur – I wear it with pride. Just imagine how soft it is to touch. It comes alive under your fingers and your toes when you want to warm up. It moves in light wind and tickles your cheeks. I think it makes me beautiful. I saved two months’ salary to buy it.

Ellington: What about killing animals then?

Arletta: It has always been this way, that if a human being does not kill anything then she must go hungry and cold. If man would not kill animals, then there’d be a reversal of roles.

Ellington: You speak of the prehistoric period. Do you know how they regarded the killing of the animals then.

Arletta: Just today, it is really cold. I enjoy being able to be out in the cold. I feel original. I love to get warm like a hunter woman. And like her, I am so grateful to the foxes who have given their lives so that I can warm myself.


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