Katja Tukiainen and the Spirit of Pink

Ellington: I made this interview  a few days ago with Katja Tukiainen, artist painter, whose blazingly pink exhibition I saw recently at the Museum of Drawings in Laholm, Sweden.  Katja, who lives in Helsinki, is a prolific artist, painting, drawing and writing on a serious happy note. Since 1995, her art is on exhibitions world-wide. I’m glad to introduce her and some of her thoughts on art and life to our readers. Katja has kindly let me use pictures from her homepage for this interview. My first question was about an interesting thought she mentioned in a film on the homepage of the museum in Laholm.

I’ve heard you say that ”Art is wiser than the artist” – I like that! Could you develop this thought a bit?

Katja: Art is loaded with different meanings. The meaning depends on the audience. I try not to make fixed meanings, because then I would kill the art. The audience must feel free to make associations. This freedom of interpretations might sometimes be frightening for the artist though – we come to this later.  Fortsätt läsa ”Katja Tukiainen and the Spirit of Pink”


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