The city on an early summer’s night

The city in early summer

I love the city in the summer. Göteborg steams and breathes in the summer heat. The walk from Järntorget along Linnégatan past Änggården takes half an hour at a brisk pace.


We probably walk faster than most people this warm evening. We don’t want to miss the Botanical Gardens and we’re not sure if they’re still open. The city people are not in their usual hurry this warm summer night. They come sauntering along the sidewalk in pairs and groups. Their faces are relaxed and red from a day in the the sun.

The Botanical Garden

The botanical garden is open. ”Open till sunset” we read at the entrance. We look at the sun and see that it still stands three finger breadths over rooftops and tree peaks.

A blackbird sits on the gravel path. Looking at us and singing a wonderful beautiful melody where it sits on the ground. The house sparrows rub themselves down in the sand and ’bathe’, making the dust whirl around them.

The Japanese cherry tree is just in between bloom and fruit setting.

The tree still shines with blossoms and covers the ground with pink snowdrifts.

Now we are birds too.

Now we are children.

We are filled with curiosity about what may hide behind the next bend of the path.

In the Azalea Valley

And the next.

Napkin tree in bloom

While the top of the sun is sinking behind the roofs and tree tops, we go back slowly through the city. Late in the evening, asphalt and paved streets still radiate the heat of the day.


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