Pirates: Happy rivals conquering life

How do you make music about cancer? A person struggles for 14 years and comes back to life, exhausted but declared recovered. One can do what the artists A.W., Wahlberg and Mick C have done in the song Pirates released on Spotify / Youtube Friday, March 23, 2018.

The song is a celebration. A a tribute to those moments, those seconds when life is fully present. A celebration of the intense experience of life that you can have when you are on the verge – before life may very well end.

The song is also a tribute to friendship and fellowship. Seven months ago, Aran Wehby and Mick Corneliusson were rivals in the boiling Swedish music industry. The idea of ​​celebrating the struggle for life inspired them to work together.

The experience that friendship and fellowship boost creativity is a thing that Aran Wehby wants to share. Not only in the song Pirates. The song is a mix of hip hop, dance hall and afrobeats, says Aran. This is music linked to people’s dreams. To practice it, to create it, to play and sing it – is a way of finding yourself.

Finding your self and not falling for the temptation to apathetically follow the pack, says Aran, and this leads us to talk about the work he does with music and youth in suburban areas. In this way, the new song Pirates is linked to life as a feast. A feast you help each other to find the way to.

Aran tells us that the release of the song Pirates is sponsored by the Spinn Up distribution service, and the proceeds go to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.



Wahlberg Mot toppen [To the Top] (2015)


Mick C Vi kommer aldrig att dö  [We’ll Never Die] (2016)


Aran Wehby Måste rensa luften [Clearing the Air] (2016)

Pirates by Aran Wehby, Pontus Wahlberg and Mick Corneliusson:


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