Nadja Itäsaari: ”where my home ought to be”

(Copyright Nadja Itäsaari)

When Nadja Itäsaari sings, I can hear she’s related to wolves and to the airplanes drawing their white lines through the air.

When you sing as if the sounds come from your intestines. When giving away a laugh from the subconscious. When you talk with trees. When your poetry and your words become machine noises. What is happening then? When natural sounds, forest sounds, bird sounds and calls come from your mouth and out of your body. What does that mean?

Or when long half-forgotten milk-maid tones from centuries-abandoned chalets and forest pastures are mixed with Berthold-Brecht notes that bring associations to revenge-loving Pirate Jenny. When energetic sorrow is intertwined with Dadaist wording. What happens?

You meet this in Nadja Itäsaari’s work. That’s how she sings. In the new single Talking to Trees, to be released on Saturday, March 17, 2018, all this is there at the bottom. Nature in her body. Nature where she lives. Nature in ancient culture and in contemporary art expression. These are all interlocutors in the inner dialogue of her songs.

(Copyright Nadja Itäsaari)

She calls it a conversation with trees. And this conversation with trees helps her seek something she can call home.

The new single is called Talking to Trees. From Saturday 17 March 2018 it will be on all channels from Spotify to Bandcamp! Her earlier album Songs From the Woods of Inner Mind is already there.

”Good luck!”



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