Faiblesse for nettles and forest candy

Exactly at this time we have a faiblesse, which abandon ourselves to. Fully! We know it’s popular with all kinds of health food ideas. And, of course, we read the recipes on how to take advantage of all the goods that are sprouting now.

I made a good nettle soup of this. I threw a chopped onion into butter together with a peeled and grated potato. 3 dl wheat flour on this and one liter of water plus two broth doughs. I rinsed the nettles by putting them in a large pot of water and then fishing them up with skimmer. After boiling the thickening for ten minutes, I put in the nettles into the pot and cut them with a scissors to get them chopped. While I cooked the eggs (hard boiled), the soup got ready.

And, of course, we have picked the tender nettles and made not only nettle soup, but nettle stew with breaded fish, nettles in gratings, like parsley, and the tenderest we rinse and chop into the salad. And when the nettles grow high, it’s good to just pick the top shots. Not to mention nettle tea. We take the big nettles, which can hang and dry and then we crush the leaves when they are bone dry.

The nettle fence.

And we had to be quick this year to make birch-leaf tea.They should be taken while they are still sticky.

But nettles and birch leaves in all honor. And we love the recipes and cooking of Spring’s many good things, when we find them. But there is one thing that we both relish since we were children. It requires no cooking, but is picked and eaten immediately.

I’m talking about the light green shoots at the top of the outer twigs of the spruce tree. We pick them. We gnaw them. We enjoy the sour taste. We chew and eat like animals.

The long green pine shot is juicy and delicious

And then we discovered the tender pine shoots. This is our faiblesse. They look a bit like little asparagus and they have a rich taste. This was new to us! And we also dared to taste the pine flowers. They taste a bit spicy, and so do the brand new cones of the pine. They are soft now when they are brand new.

Is this wholesome? We think so. We know it is. It’s like a need. Like something that attracts us to the fresh shoots of spruce and pine. Like a magnet that leads us to a very special enjoyment.



The flowers of the pine are also a faiblesse of ours

Then we walk happily in the warm spring evening listening to almost forgotten signals that we hear in our bodies. We are like of children. Nature’s children.


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