Cultural heritage as possibility and limitation

Cultural heritage. Always, I’m always surrounded by it. All I do is a resurrection of the cultural heritage. How can I get a voice of my own. How can I get out of the cultural heritage?

Nadja Itäsaari

Nadja Itäsaari has just let her deep voice sound from the bottom of her soul to the rythm of her sami shaman drum. Her forest and tree and witchcraft culture is not just an inheritance but also a tool for her free access to subconscious and otherwise hidden streams and currents in body and soul.



Louise Halvardsson and Henke Mimerson

Louise Halvardsson and Henke Mimerson pick up a thread from another end. In the midst of all cultural heritage celebration, they feel how culture not only gives energy to their creativity. Culture is also control. You are one of us and you will stick to it. Here we follow what’s ours! Here we are like us! Just for your information! Everything I see and everything I do is according to a pattern that the cultural heritage determines. How can I get out of the cultural heritage and how can I see outside the box? How do I get access to a voice that’s mine?

That’s how Poesiwerken put the issue of cultural heritage under the microscope this summer evening. In tonight’s event The springtime of cultural heritage a palette of current Gothenburg poets wsere invited, and Nadja Itäsaari and Louise & Henke set the tone. Poesiwerken in Gothenburg gives poetry a place in everyday life, and today the Literature House demonstrated the postentials and limitations that come with one’s cultural heritage. Louise with her pink hair embodies the issue of belongingness, social control and freedom. Right! And Nadja. She IS!

Outside the Literature House, in the sweet summer evening, someone had adorned one of the working-class heroes of the city in violet and pink. Also a comment on our cultural heritage.








Link to Poesiwerken


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