Church spires and other landmarks

The other day we went for a walk in Gothenburg. It was a cold and nice day. No wind. Blue sky. I had just arrived in town. A two-hour drive. Landed at Järntorget. I had just got seated in my favourite café when there was a text message. ”Are you here already? I’m coming now. Where are you?”

Arletta had had a lovely morning. Told me about everything that happened. Now she’d like a walk before lunch. About three o’clock she’d have a work meeting.

We walked through the city center. There was a lot of things to be discussed, but we had fun telling each other about our different encounters with people.

Suddenly we didn’t know where we were. We had been walking and talking without checking where we were. But Gothenburg is full of landmarks. Straight in front of us lay one of those. A church.

So many spires. So many towers and angles.

Ellington: Why do people build these monuments? I think this church looks like it’s really in another country

Arletta: Do you see the animal figures up there?

She points to all the spires and towers and angles.

Ellington: Animal Figures?

Arletta: Looks like something I saw in London. Gargoyles!

A demonstration of architectural engineering

Ellington: I see them now. But you know! Why do people build these towers?

Arletta: But look! There’s a hundred towers! Big and small. Do you see where they’re pointing?

Ellington: Yes. Towards the sky.

Arletta: Can you imagine what it’s like to believe in a God, Ellington?

Ellington: Yes. I am small and lonely and quite helpless in the universe. And many are afraid when they see that they are alone like that.

Arletta: Many? Not you then?

Ellington: Honestly, I do not know. Yes, I sometimes feel alone. And I’m sad to die.

Arletta: Can you imagine what it is like having a God you believe in?

Ellington: YES! But … what does that have to do with this huge church here?

Pointing to the sky

Arletta: It is perhaps to show how all the people help each other to reach out to their God.

Ellington: It feels like a lie.

Arletta: Do you mean people can not help each other.

Ellington: It’s clear we can. But when I’m going to die, I’m alone.

Arletta: Even if I hold your hand?

Ellington: Yes! Do not get me wrong now. It’s nice and good to know at that moment that you are there and that you can manage your life and are doing well. Then I can go alone and face death.

Arletta: Are not you well, Ellington?

Ellington: Yes, I’m fine, but this church …

Arletta: It’s beautiful!

Ellington: Yes … but it scares me too.

One of our landmarks

Arletta: Do you see where we are now?

Ellington: Yes, there I see the Sailor’s wife. One of our landmarks. Now we’ll find our way.




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