Autumn Cavalcade

Here is the beginning of the year’s autumn cavalcade (photo Ellington)

Now this year’s floral splendour approaches its end. The last crackling colors of the leaves after the first frost night.

Dalsland fireworks (photo Ellington)

Now the beauty of flowers gives place to the maturity of fruits.

Tomato Harvest (photo Ellington)
Artichoke in Halland’s woodland (photo Ellington)
Ripe damsons in Lund (photo Ellington)

The damson tree offers juicy enjoyment.

Late blackberries in Okome (photo Ellington)

In the blackberry thickets summer sweetness is still stored.

Blackthorn in a secret place in Dalsland (photo Ellington)

Blackthorn berries waiting for strong frosts to turn sour into sugar.

Rosehips in Ellington’s garden (photo Ellington)

Hips become birds’ food this year as well.

Whitebeam berries in Kungälv (photo Ellington)

And the whitebeam trees are leafless now.



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