Wintry pictures

It’s a weird winter I’ve heard people say. The weather is back and forth, and one day it’s snow and cold and winter, the other the snow is melting, it’s raining and when the sun is coming, you almost think it’s spring already. And then you wake up the next morning and everything is white and cold again.

If it will be as it has used be over the last 15 years, then we will see the winter giving up in early March at the latest. Then it will be cold and windy almost all the time until the first week of June. Midsummer is usually rainy and cold – sometimes about the same temperature as Christmas Eve.

Here the january sun is low lighting up my wintry lilac bush

But I want to show how it was here where i live when frost cracked and there was winter last week. It was quite uneven, so around Bengtsfors, where I live, it was white but only maybe 15 cm snow. In Edsleskog there is always more snow when the heavy clouds are forced up over the heights there. I went for a walk there at what is called Bräcke Ängar the other day, and it would have been advisable having skis. There was a ski trail, which I was careful not to trample in and I sank down in the snow to my knees in some places. And on the day that we drove to Nössemark, the snow was really deep in the woods as soon as we arrived west of Ärtemark.

Lovely winter road on my driveway. Sledding would have been the case in the past. The sun is low and it makes long shadows.

The pictures I want to show are taken around where I live. It was two days before the rain came.

The neighbor’s house embedded in snow
Up on Ekbacken the sunlight is still on, and a neighboring cat gets out in the sun when it hears me coming

People you talk to tend to have different opinions about snow. A standard reaction from many men is that ”this was unnecessary, it’ll only be a lot of extra work and misery.” Another reaction, which is at least as common, is the opposite. ”Oh, how happy I am when there is snow! It’s getting lighter and I feel happy. ”It’s probably a majority of women who express this joy about the snow – and myself!” I’m excited when I see the snow falling in big big flakes!



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