Desert gardening takes Diligence

One of our readers has sent us an article. This reader now lives in South Carolina. There she enjoys the pleasures of gardening, savoring the products of her diligent work. She’s a professional gardener, and what she shares with us here is the earlier experience she had of tending her patch of land between Phoenix and Tucson in the Arizona desert. That’s where she lived until recently, before moving to the more fertile South Carolinian soils. Here’s her story of the pleasures of desert gardening.

Diligence in desert gardening

Everywhere I go, I scratch in the dirt, plant a seed, care and nurture that seed.  I’ve reaped bountiful harvests and had complete failures.  Such is life.

Ten years of living in the high desert taught lessons of perseverance.  Three hundred plus days of sun, wind, wild temperature swings, very little rainfall, and soil with no organic matter make gardening difficult.  But we tried.

Desert gardening 1
The first garden

The first garden was a small plot in the front (south) of the house. Fortsätt läsa ”Desert gardening takes Diligence”


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